Monday, December 8, 2014

Knitting Socks......... and Schtuff Like That.....

So as I had said in my last post I FinaLLy knitted my first pair of socks. This has started me on the path to Crazy Town. Crazy-fingering weight- sock making- sock obsessed-town. Or maybe its just an ExceLLent excuse to buy amazing hand dyed yarns .... either way I have to say its been a week long whirlwind adventure.

(<---- this yarn is called Stellar dyed by The Cyborg's Craft Room)

I want to make every one I know socks..... and its Christmas. Did I mention this is my FIRST pair? And again...... Christmas is coming? *****sigh***** why why why do I do this to me?

I decided at the very least I needed to make hubby some socks. I had this plan see..... and well, you know what they say about the best laid plans..... naw I dont either but lets just say it seems as if it never ends very well.

I had a friend over at the shop Knit Mona dye up some merino/nylon fingering weight sock yarn in hubs New York Rangers colors and away I went..... On Addi Sock Rockets Size US 0 needles in a 3x1 rib pattern..... toe up...... magic loop...... *breathe*

I turned on some knitting podcasts and for the first couple of days it was really quite relaxing ..... the sneaking around knitting while hubs was at work was kind of fun...... WAS.

So Im on day I have no idea now :)))))) And well I think the novelty of either the socks or the season is wearing thin. Or maybe its just me. Maybe Im wearing thin.

Im gonna press on..... I love him so much..... and he will be so happy and excited to get these.

And they are turning out kinda cool.....

I was going to do an after thought heel and then well, after some thought I decided against it. I dont think Im quite up for the challenge or quite frankly the risk.... If you dont know what an after thought heel is its basically where you knit the whole sock.... minus the heel..... and when you are done you CUT your knitting ******shrieks and gasps in horror**** and put your heel in. After thoughtly.

Instead I decided on the Fish Lips Kiss Heel (say that seven times fast) and well..... I had already knit the WHOLE first sock (figuring on an after thought heel..... ) so Im going to have to rip back. Yup. Frog it. many many inches *sigh* and reknit it with tooth pick needles.

I hope he digs these socks. He better dig these socks. He best sqweeeeeeee like an 8 year old girl who just got a real unicorn from Santa. Like no I mean it..... from the actual chubby, red coated, awesomely bearded, Mr. Claus. :)))))

Merry Handmade Holidayz my friends ..... <3

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