Monday, May 5, 2014

Roll of the Dice Afghan ~FREE PATTERN

We’ve been having a hard time finding spring here in the northern part of Minnesota. Just dark and snowy and rainy and blech. This weekend blessed us in a beautiful way with sunshine (before the clouds rolled right back in, but ohhhh it was kinda pretty) and the ice coming out on the lake …. but I needed some color. Some bright touch of happy that would make me smile. And sometimes I just wanna to shake it up a bit. We as crocheters can get caught up in the “pattern” rut and it can keep us from doing larger more monotonous projects.
Here’s a way I’ve found to shake it up a bit. I literally roll the dice. Pick your colors ~ I like to go with odd numbers and 5 seems to be the magic one for me. Get yourself a single die and lets get rollin’!
Sport, dk worsted its up to you….. for the example shown I used I Love This Yarn! in worsted weight (10ply) in the colors Black, Key Lime, Tropical Pink, Amethyst and Turquoise.
Size I hook
A yarn needle
A scissors
A 6 sided die (dice)
Totally optional but encouraged chocolate and a smile :)
I started out and my project grew and grew quickly ….. I think it brought out the sun even to take a peek :)) I had a wonderful time on the deck in the spring sunshine sippin’ tea and soaking up the warmth. It’s a great stitch you dont have think much about, but with the color changes and vertical stripe it makes for a fun project. Lets round up our materials and get hookin’!

This pattern is a multiple of 3 stitches + 2
The stripes in this blanket run vertical instead of the traditional horizontal.
Choose the order you would like your yarn to appear in…. meaning what sequence as this wont change.
Next with your beginning color chain 164
Now roll your dice (die)! What ever the number says is however many rows you do of your first stripe…..
Row 1: In the 5th chain from the hook, **work 1 sc, ch 2 and 2 dc in the same st… skip 2 chains** and repeat across to the last 3 chains ….. skip 2 and work 1 dc in the last.
(if you rolled a 1 you would change colors here and roll the dice again, if not continue to work your color in the pattern)
Row 2: Chain 3 and turn. Work 1 sc, ch 2 and 2 dc in the first ch-2 space from the previous row. Repeat this in all of the ch-2 spaces across. Work 1 dc in the chain 3 space at the end of the row.
If you need to roll, do it now. if you need to join a new color, do it :)
Repeat row 2 until desired width. Keep changing colors and rolling the dice until you cant get back across the complete row.
******Weaving in the ends as you go will save a ton of headaches in the end******

On this afghan I decided to use all of the ends I had left over to do a multi colored single chain all the way around the blanket, making sure to put 3 sc in each corner for ease. I then used my left over black to do a round of half double crochet.
I havent decided yet, but I do have some pink….. I may even go ’round again and give the edge a nice picot. What do ya think? To picot, or not to picot?
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Thanks for stoppin’ by….. <3


  1. OH, I love this!!! What a wonderful idea... roll the die :) My next afghan will use this pattern!!!

  2. What a fun idea! I think it's cool you don't know exactly how the afghan will turn out. . .all because of a roll of the die.

  3. Love it..and glad you shared it with us! Come on Spring!

  4. Great idea! Thanks for sharing. Your blanket's very pretty and bright. I hope the spring weather finds you soon :-)

  5. Hi. Did you use more than 1 skein of yarn for each color?