Thursday, April 10, 2014

The brightest version of your creative self :)

Why Crochet Supernova? I wanted a place that I could come to be inspired. A place to inspire others. A place to share and create and help each other grow as the craftastic artist we are...... to be the brightest versions of our creative selves. After all whats brighter than a Supernova? Its like 100 billion times brighter than the sun..... so sit back, join along and lets help each other shine <3

Stay tuned in here for projects and musings that arent, despite the blog name, only crochet related. I kinda like to think creativity sparks creativity. And sharing with each other helps growth. And if I know one thing its this: I havent met a crocheter yet that doesnt dabble, or wouldnt like to dabble in other forms of crafting awesomeness....

So get your gear ready, put on a smile, grab some chocolate and get ready to SHINE!

1 comment:

  1. hi! I just wanted to give you this pin for a beautiful crocheted flower that I thought you would love..I really enjoyed your video and written pattern for the sugar and spice dress! Looking forward to more! If you are not on Pinterest yet, and would like to be, give me your email and I can invite you- you will love it!

    thanks for your generous share xoxo