Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The Trinity Stitch Slouch Hat ~ FREE PATTERN

Trinity Stitch Slouch Hat

Materials Needed:

*1 Skein worsted weight yarn (I use I Love This Yarn! By Hobby Lobby)

*K(6.5) hook and an I(5.5) hook

*Yarn needles for weaving in ends


*A smile

Stitch Explanation:

Sc: Single crochet

Ts: Trinity stitch as follows...chain 1, insert hook into same stitch and pull up a loop, insert hook into next stitch and pull up a loop x2, yarn over and pull through all 4 loops on the hook

Lets dive in! :)

Leaving a long tail, with your I hook chain 9

Row 1: Sc in 2nd chain from the hook and all the way across, chain 1, turn (8 sc total)

Row 2: Sc in the back loops only across the row, chain 1, turn (8 sc total)

Repeat row 2 for 64 more rows (total of 66 ribbed crochet rows)

*When I turn the row I don't go into the first stitch from the hook, I go in the second like the picture at the left.



At the end of the row, I go into those two lil side stitches there. I find that doing this method gives the band a neater finished edge.


When the band is at 66 sc ribbed rows chain 1 (this counts as the first stitch across the band) and turn on its side. Working in the length of the band across the tops of the rows, sc in each until you come to the last row.

Fold the band around to form a circle, being careful not to twist the band and insert hook as if to single chain going through the last stitch on the band and the FIRST stitch at the same time, yarn over as if to simply sc and pull through both spaces joining the band together.

Smile :) The band is complete..... Let's move on to the body of the slouchy.

Body: Switch to the K hook
Round 1: Chain 1, trinity stitch using the next 3 stitches.....and in each stitch around. (according to the pictures and written special stitch instruction at the beginning of the pattern)

*here you can see the hook goes in 3 separate sc, drawing up a loop at each.

*yarn over, draw through all 4 loops on hook.

*chain 1 and your trinity stitch is complete

Continue in the round, joining and working your trinity stitch back to the beginning of the sc in the first round. Begin round 2 trinity in this sc stitch. Continue working in the round until piece measures 10 inches from bottom of band to the top.



*Hint: the cluster of the previous rows trinity stitch is where the second loop is pulled up for the round above it. This way they all stay aligned....

Decreasing the hat:

When you reach ten inches (or desired length) begin to decrease the trinity stitch 4 stitches at a time. Do four normal trinities, then work a decrease as follows: Begin stitch as normal going into stitch just worked, skip next two stitches and go into 3rdst (this will be the top of a trinity cluster)and continue to work the stitch as normal pulling up a loop, inserting into the next stitch and pulling up a loop, yarn over and pull through all 4 loops, chain 1. Continue with 4 normal trinities, one decrease trinity stitch until you have roughly 35 or so chain spaces left , or about a palm sized opening left in the top of the hat. Sc in each stitch around, fasten off with an 8 inch tail for closing the hole.

Weave in and out of the sc in the top of the hat with your yarn needle, draw up tight with needle on the inside of the hat and tie off snugly weaving in end.

Use long tail left on the band of the hat to join the seam from the inside of the hat. Tie off snugly, weave in ends.

There you have your super fun new slouchy <3

Any questions please let me know as I am new to writing patterns. You can find me here at Strings and Things on Facebook. Id love to be helpful in any way I can :) Have a beautiful day, and in all

P.S. This is a quickie after thought shot just so you could see that hat better as per request in the comments. I usually use my older daughter as my model but she has been literally gone on the go with her own things these last 24 hours. In my attempt to get the pattern out quickly, as there was a lot of interest, I only had the one shot of me wearing you can imagine its kinda hard to capture the "slouch" part of the hat by myself :P Excuse the color :) Meet Ouriyonna, my wee one stepping in for her older sister to save the night, sporting the hat.

*Flash is not a photogs friend, but this is the best I could do with no light to give you a better picture of the full hat*....


  1. You're gorgeous Honeyb, as you well know, but can we get a better look at the finished hat. Please :-) By the way, your instructions are great.

  2. Sure will, hard to take pictures of it on by myself.... my daughter who normally poses for me has been at work and with after school activities these past two nights.... Ill try to wrangle one of my littles to give it a go......

  3. Loving this hat so far!
    I have a question.. Is the body of the hat supposed to be worked with the K hook? It's not noted in the pattern when to switch.

    1. Oh my! Yes it is :) Im so very sorry and ty ty ty so very much for pointing it out.... yikes! Yup, K hook for the body..... <3 I'll go correct it asap

    2. I cant wait :) Could u please let me know when u do? Id love to see it :)

  4. On row 1 it should red sc in 2nd chain from hook.

  5. Do I sc around the whole band, then start the body of the hat?

    1. nope just across the top is all and then join like the picture shows :)

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